G-Box GL-5 75W-90

Semisynthetic transmission oil

Designed for the most loaded gears, operating under heavy duty conditions. Provides high performance in a wide range of temperatures and long, reliable operation of transmission components.

Viscosity grade SAE: 75W-90 API level: GL-5


Transmission oil developed for the most loaded gear systems under severe operating conditions. It is formulated with high quality synthetic and mineral base oils using high-performance additive package. Provides a wide temperature range of use and trouble-free and durable operation of transmission units.


  1. High extreme pressure properties ensure reliable operation of gears in the most severe applications.
  2. It has exceptional low-temperature properties (ensures correct transmission components operation in outside temperatures conditions down to -40°C).
  3. High thermal stability ensures increased oil drain intervals.
  4. High antiwear and anticorrosion properties significantly extend the transmission service life.
  5. Compatible with gaskets and seals materials used in modern equipment.