G-Box Expert GL-4 75W-90

Semi-synthetic gear oil

Semi-synthetic gear oil for manual transmissions of cars and trucks

Viscosity grade: SAE 75W-90 API: GL-4

Specifications/Approvals: AVTOVAZ


Formulated with combination of high quality synthetic and mineral base oils and progressive additives, semi-synthetic G-Box Expert GL-4 75W-90 gear oil is designed to deliver excellent lubrication in manual transmissions of cars and trucks. The product provides wide temperature range of operation and guarantees long transmission life.

The product is used in manual transmissions, car gearboxes (inc. synchromesh), 4WD torque dividers containing spur, bevel and spiral-bevel gears operating under medium load conditions and requiring API GL-4 oils.


  1. High wear and corrosion resistance prolongs gear life
  2. Compatibility with seal materials used in modern equipment
  3. Optimal anti-friction properties guarantee smooth shifting and prevent vibration