G-Energy Flushing Oil

Highly efficient flushing oil

Designed for flushing of combustion engines (without dissembling)before oil change

Specifications/Approvals: AVTOVAZ


      Intended for flushing gasoline and diesel engines (without dissembling) at a scheduled time when the oil is changed and necessarily after the use of oil with poor performance characteristics, as well as when recommended oil change interval is exceeded


      Engines in LADA cars by AVTOVAZ


      To flush an engine warm it up for 20-30 min. of idle running, drain the old motor oil, fill the engine with the flushing oil and run it at idle for 15-25 min. Then discharge the flush oil, change the oil filter and fill the engine with fresh motor oil.


      1. Provides rapid and effective cleaning of various kinds of residues and contaminants
      2. Compatible with seal materials
      3. Protects engine compounds during flushing
      4. Has no effect on performance of a motor oil filled after